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Walk with Me and take a leap of faith.

My walk thus far….


A little bit about Me…

My name is Fiona Akua Christina Catherine Munkoh,

( yes my name is long for noooo reason) and welcome to my site.

Just a little bit about myself…. my whole life before I was saved I never wanted to know who Christ was… I had no care in the world because at the time he had done nothing for my life.

My life was a mess and still did not accept him in my life. I had a “what’s the point” way of life and thought if he was real he would deliver me and save me from this horrid life.

It took me a while to realise it doesn’t work like that…

Long story short…I started my life on earth being a sinner…. I spent most of my teenage life accepting that I am a sinner and going along with it…. in my mid 20’s I made the decision to become a new creation in Christ and accept him into my life.

So Welcome to my journey thus far……

I just wanted you to come along with me so you have an idea of how and why I became saved, Also I would love for you to witness what God is doing in my life…..


Fi xxx


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